Saturday, July 2, 2011

Money Mischief

oBOMBa Banned?

Major Obama Sponsor Tried to Ban This Message

After Putting $803,436 in His Campaign Coffer, they Attempted to Keep Americans From Seeing

This Critical Warning From a Nobel-Prize Winning Economist and Trusted Adviser to

President Reagan!      See What They Tried to Ban

Dear Newsmax Reader,

It pays to have friends in powerful places.

Especially if you are the president of the United States.

You see, recently we ramped up efforts to get the word out concerning a very dire and serious assessment of our nation’s economic future.

We put together an investigative presentation that documented the work of a man that President Reagan turned to in the 1980s to help America recover from the stagflation brought on by the Carter administration.

This Nobel Prize-winning economist foretold with prophetic accuracy EXACTLY what President Obama and Ben Bernanke have been up to . . .

And the Pandora’s Box of economic dangers they have unleashed on the United States.

The message was so important that President Reagan himself once described the man’s work as “a Survival Kit for You, for Our Nation, and for Freedom.”

Nevertheless, when a major Obama donor — Google — saw this presentation, they asked us to revise it to something “less controversial.”

Despite their attempts to keep it from being shown, you can still see it for yourself today!

Launch a private airing of it right now by clicking here;

Aaron DeHoog

Financial Publisher

Newsmax and Moneynews