Thursday, August 6, 2009

Independence Day with Earnest Hancock

"Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock" - August 6th 2009

Ernest Hancock
Date: 08-06-2009
Subject: Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

Thursday August 6th 2009

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Bud Burrell

Burrell is an expert in the area of naked short selling counterfeit shares on Wall St ...
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Bud Burrell is a hero Patrick Byrne a hero Bob Obrien a hero you are just a slime hiding under a rock come out and discuss this with me ...
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Bud Burrell is a known penny stock tout with sleezy offshore dealings and CFRN uses Christianity for stock fraud and mind control just as the CMKX Diamond fraud has of Urban Cassavant ...
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Burrell is an industry expert ...
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Bud Burrell is a corporate finance generalist specializing in development stage companies ...
Source: Welcome To The Christian Financial Radio Network []

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Bud Burrell

Feature Article • Ernie's Favorites Edition
Economy - International
Understanding How Screwed We All Are - "The Greatest Depression" – by Ernest Hancock
Ernest Hancock

(August 1st 2009 - Originally posted July of 2008 - Some of these things have yet to pass - Listen to the first link to a very informative interview and be afraid... this whole thing has just started)
I'm starting to see the pattern in the tape

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