Wednesday, March 3, 2010

'Til Debt Do Us Part; How to Profit During Recession

Click on title above to see how YOU TOO can make Boo-Coo profits while the little folk are tossed out of their homes, lose their jobs and go hungry and w/out medical care...

and no one or no-body w/ the power to change things really gives a damn

and that, in my mind, is a BIG Black Mark on humanity

and a negative measure of just how far we HAVENT come in

our evolution and/or what we like to call our CIVIL-I-ZATION

People are starving

Children are starving - all over the world

in Nations BIG and small, rich and poor

...and yet, we consider only what is good for US

What will benefit US

As we revel in our fake wars and our very real quest for world dominion.

Shme on US. Shame on the World.

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