Friday, March 5, 2010

Toyota Greedy Bastards

Eye-opening hearings in Congress have showed America that Toyota is willing to put the safety of drivers at risk.

Now it's clear they're willing to put longtime employees' jobs at risk as well. Toyota has announced plans to close a 25-year old factory in California by the end of this month.

Laying off 5,000 workers will only be the beginning. The closure will decimate an entire community.

50,000 workers, vendors, and suppliers – and the families who depend on them – could immediately lose their livelihoods.

Tell Toyota: Your workers and customers deserve better. Keep the Fremont plant open!

Toyota was the #1 beneficiary of the "cash for clunkers" program. And they've also benefited from millions of dollars in government-paid training.

But despite strong U.S. sales and all the taxpayer support Toyota has gotten over the years, they're moving California Corolla production to Japan and to a non-union plant in Canada.

If you're outraged that Toyota is benefiting from subsidies and turning around and abandoning an entire community, let their leadership know!

Toyota got its start in America when it opened the Fremont, CA, plant they are about to shut down. Over the years, an entire community was built around the plant.

If Toyota shuts down this factory, it'll be the largest mass layoff in California since the Great Recession began. The chain reaction will impact 200,000 people. School teachers, small business owners, police officers, firefighters, and even local beauticians all depend on the plant to boost tax revenue and consumer spending.

In spite of its recent troubles, Toyota remains an extremely successful company. Toyota can definitely afford to keep the plant open. But we have to act quickly, because the plant is slated to close on March 31.

Sign our petition today. Hold Toyota accountable for abandoning its workers.

Thanks for your continued support of America's workers.


Manny, Liz, Beth, Doug, and the American Rights at Work team

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