Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stearns Stands Alone: Calls Paulson a Crook. Wake Up America!

From MM at GS666.Com;

Below in the video we have Congressman Stearns calling Paulson the crook he is. Unfortunately, Congressman Stearns is a lone voice. Where are you America? Wake up. Do you realize you are being raped, robbed and beat to a pulp by Goldman Sachs and their bankster accomplices? One more fact. Hank Paulson was more responsible for the current global financial crisis than any other ten men combined on the face of the planet. Why?

Hank Paulson was a 32 year career Goldman Sachs soldier. He also ran the company as COO and CEO from 1998 through 2006 . . . the exact years that we saw the creation of toxic assets developed by his boys and girls at Goldman Sachs. He left Goldman Sachs at the peak of the bubble to take over the Treasury Secretary job so he could complete the final phase of his scheme . . . cover up, steal a few trillion more, laugh at you and the American public.

Here's a link to the video of Congressman Stearns grilling Paulson, and Paulson squirming in his seat. Actually, he's laughing inside because he knows there is not a thing we are going to do about his multi-trillion dollar heist.

Click on title to see vid;


Mike Morgan

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