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Forget We the People, we are run by the Wall Street criminal cartel

June 29, 1:56 PM

Author: Tim McCown, Philadelphia-Progressive-Examiner

Many Conservative blogs were all worked up about Cap and Trade and how that was going to jack up everyone's energy costs. First of all, you Conservatives aren"t so gullible that you still believe that our coin operated Congress being in the hands of Democrats instead Republicans matters, do you?

If you do, let me enlighten you with the truth. Toilet paper is worth more than the Environmental Bill that Democrats are being told will strike a major blow for global climate change, as you Conservatives are being told that taxes and costs of energy will go up. Do you see anything here?

Only in America could we repackage out and out bribery as legitimate Free Speech and pretend that campaign contributions don't pervert the actual will of the people every time. For Conservatives, nothing that would actually cost business anything is in that environmental legislation. The reason is that there is nothing in there that will actually do anything, and that was true before the legislation ever got out of committee. The drama was to fool us into believing that those of us who wanted change we could believe in, were getting change and when those energy bills go up as they surely will, Conservatives will believe it was because of this bill. People we are being had, Wall Street runs this show. It is all a smoke and mirrors pretense that we the people still have a say in government.

The first rule of Wall Street is that the Free Markets mean that they are free to cheat us, con us and steal from us and there are no rules, no laws and no consequences. Finance and loans have been some of the biggest swindles and bankers our biggest swindlers, in our history.

Take coal mining or share cropping for instance. The land owners and banks owned the land they rented you or the company town you lived in. They rented you your tools, they sold you the seeds to plant, they owned the scales to weigh your crop when harvested or your coal you had dug, and they owned the stores you could shop in. Somehow fancy that, you never made enough to pay off the bill. They didn't even pay you with money in many coal towns. They" loaned" you the difference between your crop or the coal you dug and the fraudulent expenses they stuck you with and charged you interest. They made money from your labor and off your labor. Now along comes Visa and Master Card so don't get carried away thinking times have changed all that much. With all the foreclosures the concept of company town is coming back with a vengeance.

I strongly recommend you read Matt Taibbi's article in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. It is the best piece of investigative journalism I have read in a long time. When you are finished you will be angry as hell but you will see clearly the truth of what we have been fed by Corporate America since that King of Cons, Ronald Reagan was in office. Oh it includes Bill Clinton too so it is bipartisan in placing blame where it belongs.

It is no accident that we have Tim Geithner at Treasury. Robert Rubin was sold to Bill Clinton using almost word for word what Rubin and Sanford Weil said when they sold Geithner to Obama, as the only one who can handle this economy. That is because he has been trained in how to keep the con job rolling as I have said before. His job is to find the next bubble to inflate and he just gave Wall Street a several trillion dollar pump to inflate it with. As he was instructed there are no rules or regulations to stop them. Thats how you handle the economy. Oh the recovery will look grand until the phony bubble pops and Middle Class America is left holding the empty bag yet again.

Wall Street didn't handle anything but our wallets as they have acted like Count Dracula sucking the economic life blood out of this country. Here is one of the cons exposed by Matt Taibbi. You have a dime so you borrow 90 cents. Then you take that dollar and borrow nine more, then you take that ten and borrow $90 then the $100 and borrow $900.00 and so on and so on until you have borrowed millions with one dime. That is the pillar upon which these crooks have built the American economy. That is certainly not building your foundation upon a bed of rock.

My personal favorite in the Taibbi article in Rolling Stone was the Dot.com con. You put worthlessascrap.com stock out there to the public. The CEO of worthlessascrap.com knows that other CEO's will get x amount of worthlessascrap stock at $8 dollars a share in exchange for their buying x amount more of worhtlessascrap stock for $25 dollars a share.

That purchase jumps the stock on the open market up to $25 dollars a share which all those in on the action knew so they can sell the stock they got for $8 to $10 dollars a share at a profit. The average Joe on E-trade doesn't have this insider information but he sees the stocks meteoric rise and he purchases it at $25 dollars a share hoping to make a killing, because idiots like Cramer say everything will just keep going up so buy.

The insiders also know that it is worthlessascrap literally. They bail knowing it has no value, with millions in profit. The average Joe lacks this information and loses his shirt because the stock was worthlessascrap. So Conservatives, still want to invest everyone's Social Security in this financial theft scheme. My retirement is in the trash They did this with stocks, housing, they even were a significant part of the reason, through speculation, that gas reached $4.00 a gallon. So Conservatives, when you argue some of us want to punish success the only successful entrepreneurship I see is fraud and deceit.

How do you get away with it?

You deregulate so there are no rules. When someone starts to question, you howl it will cost jobs and Democrats are robbing success etc.. We have been held for blackmail by these high priced crooks who scream it will cost jobs every time we begin to set limits on their criminal activities. Personally I'm tired of being held hostage.

We are not going to get health care reform, reform of the work place, reform of Wall Street or anything else until we get the money out of politics. Our privatized system of campaign finance is an invitation to being taken. As a nation we now have government of the Corporations by the Corporations and against the American people. And when our dimwit congressman and Senators try to claim no corporations can make donations and donations can't be over $2,000.00 dollars, here's how you do it. If the NRA or any other donor wants to give big bucks like say $100,000.00 to a candidate, you find fifty constituents and give each one $2,000.00 checks and have them write a donation on their personal accounts. On Federal election forms you have fifty individual donors just like the law says. The candidate of course knows who really buttered the bread

Dick Durbin was right, banks do really own the place.

Author: Tim McCown
Tim McCown is an Examiner from Philadelphia. You can see Tim's articles on Tim's Home Page. Click on title to go there; http://www.examiner.com/x-3629-Philadelphia-Progressive-Examiner

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