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Germany Demands Gold from US

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June 5, 2009

Road to Roota XIV By Bix Weir

I was watching the NBC special called "Inside the White House" last night and was struck by a meeting with Larry Summers and the President.

It was touted as an "all access" day in the life of the President but at 7:15 minutes into Part 1 Larry Summers and a man who I believe is Austan Goolsbee come into the Oval Office for a call with "the Germans". Summers is obviously on edge and shuts down the cameras when he begins to discuss the problem.

Summers: "Life has changed..ahh..since the briefing…ahh”

Obama: "For the better or for the worse?"

Goolsbee: "Net-net for the better…wouldn’t you say Larry?" (Goolsbee speaks loudly and unconvincingly for the cameras.)

Summers: “(nervous laugh)..there’s elements of both. The Germans...actually we should stop (the cameras) here."

The cameras and staff are quickly “ushered out” of the Oval Office.

For those who don’t know, Austan Goolsbee is on the Presidents Council of Economic Advisers and is touted as Larry Summers’ “Economic Internet Guru”. In that capacity there is no doubt in my mind that he monitors all the gold internet sites as well as being in charge of coordinating all the “gold disinformation” articles. Like Summers, Goolsbee believes in a kind of “Psychological Tendencies Economic Model” touting that it is perception that steers the worlds economic markets not necessarily fact. Having fought the gold manipulation battles for so long we all know perception can be managed and manipulated as I discussed in my articles “Operation Confidence Con” and “Geithner Plan=Sustained Manipulation”.

On May 28th, the night before the White House taping, Jim Willie of posted an article called “The Hitman Cometh” where he claimed the Germans are trying to withdraw all their physical gold from US control and several “hit men” have been hired to take down the COMEX and the LME:

"The Germans have demanded that gold bullion held in US custodial accounts be returned to their owners, with physical gold shipped back to Germany ."

I'll bet my last gold Kruggie that the Oval Office phone call was a desperate plea to buy more time before the Germans destroy the physical gold manipulation scheme.

This together with rumblings of China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Dubai scrambling to get their hands on physical gold has put the Obama Manipulation Team in major gold panic mode.

It's amazing to see these few people in the White House scrambling to prolong a failed policy of trying to manipulate the gold markets of the world.

What a sad state we find ourselves in.


As you have learned if you have read the article above, America will soon be needing our gold. It is time for every citizen to make the second ultimate sacrifice for their country and give to it our precious gold - dont send it to those jerks on TV! They are just robbers taking advantage of the economic crisis to steal your gold away. They pay only a fraction of what your gold is worth on the "fair market" today (brother, if that aint a misnomer!) Anyways, where wuz i? Oh yeah.

Dont be taken advantage of by these unscrupulous greedy usurers. Rather to suffer the personal losses and do "the patriotic thing." Give to your government instead.

Americans have always pulled togther in troubled times, and now is not the time to quit. Now is the time for all good men (& women & children also included) to come to the aid of their country. We can all do that by giving and giving until it hurts. Americans have always known that a little suffering is good for the soul. We have learned that iving through difficult times makes us stronger and all the more determined to endure.

Give til it hurts to our government. Send them your gold. It is only the right thing to do. If we give to our country to help see it through these tough economic times, it will take care of us "in the end." ...You know it will.

God Bless America

Thank you American Patriots!

To make your contribution to the war against the economic crisis,
send your gold to:

Americans Giving Gold Project
Secretary of the U.S. Treasury
1600 Pennsylvania Av.
Washington, DC



  1. You aren't serious about sending gold to the Treasury are you???????????????????????

  2. It is our patriotic duty (not!) Its a joke son, a

  3. Love U madly Jr. U C I hav marked you in my favs. Keep up the good work. I am stumblin across U everywheres!