Monday, June 29, 2009

A Total "Gangster Gov't' & The New GM (Gov't Mtrs.) Car-tel

by Rep. Michele Bachmann, who apparently is againt "Gangster-Gov't" but is very much FOR Big-Oil, as is the authress of this 08' article; (sorry but the links below are not "clickable" so you will have to cut & paste them into your web-browser to get them to work)

"Drill Here, Drill Now."

Related Article; July 26, 2009

Not a Good Week for New Holes;

Click on title above to see Michele's vid against the GM gov't take-over and what she calls the new "Gangster Govt." (If our Govt is full of gangsters, what does that make BigOil - nothing less than the MOB BOSS of it all! )

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